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Meet Bruce


A proven business development professional with the drive of a serial entrepreneur and the balance of a seasoned leader with ten years of business consulting experience from startups to Fortune 500 companies. A history of successful growth by synergistic team building, proactive relationship management, aggressive technology implementation, and hard work. The business acumen to understand the complexities of growth-orientated companies and the drive to “get it done”. The result is a passion to lead personal and company growth through strategic sales and business development.


President & Lead Broker

Stillwater Real Estate

 – Present18 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • Founded and managed all aspects of a real estate brokerage firm that served as the marketing and sales arms for all other development companies and consulting partners

  • Oversaw a value-add project to purchase a group of waterfront residential and commercial lots on a previously-overlooked section of the lake and led the development of the area as a desirable restaurant and entertainment area with adjacent residential lots.

Owner & Lead Broker

Stillwater Unlimited

 – Present20 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • Founded and manage all aspects of a luxury home construction company, with direct oversight of five full-time employees and up to 80 subcontractors per project

  • Completed a multi-section commercial and residential real estate development in less than two years, partnering with engineering firms, city officials, and community members to lead a major turnaround in the project following an 18-month construction delay due to downstream flooding issues

  • Utilized a word-of-mouth, referral-only business model to generate a 72% repeat business rate among previous customers

President & Co-Owner

Desperado Development

 – 9 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • A joint venture between Cornerstone Builders and the Stillwater entities to self-fund, design, market, and build San Angelo’s fastest-growing subdivision project, achieving $16.5MM in sales

  • Utilized four different builders to construct homes targeting different demographics at various price points and with a range of standard and upgraded amenities, selling out units in less than four years despite initial loan rejection from local banks

President & Business Development

Stillwater Design Group

 – 12 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • Created a company to serve as a builder for Stillwater Real Estate’s “Bluffs” project, eventually growing to a team of 10 employees and more than 120 subcontractors specializing in the construction of residential homes in the $165k - $250k price range

  • Secured more than $9MM in revenue from competitors who previously held more than 70% of the local market by addressing the growing need for high-quality homes for the area’s average purchaser

  • Launched a major TV, radio, and model home campaign to successfully exploit a previously-ignored price point/amenities segment of the market, partnering with four local builders to develop lots at low cost and with high home concentration

President & Co-Owner

Caprock Ranches

 – 9 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • Founded and managed a specialty developer targeting high-income individuals seeking part-time ranches in the Tom Green County area, building strong relationships with a variety of funding and ranch management partners

  • Generated more than $25MM in sales while creating lucrative development opportunities for Stillwater Real Estate and extensive consulting business for Stonewall Ranches

  • Developed a specialization in the development of large ranches into 50-500 acre subdivision tracts incorporating green space and ranch operations



 – 7 years

San Angelo, Texas Area

  • Stonewall Ranches: Managed the full development life cycle, including site selection, due diligence, underwriting, design, entitlements, construction, final acceptance, and sales of 2,600 acres, generating more than $2.2MM in revenue

  • Stonewall Valley & Stonewall Ridge: Managed the purchase, design, development, installation of franchise utilities, roadways, and easements, as well as the sale of 3,800 acres, generating revenues in excess of $3.8MM

  • Ranches at Pecan Creek: Managed the purchase, design, development, installation of franchise utilities, roadways, and easements, as well as the sale of 2,600 acres, generating revenues in excess of $2MM

  • Stonewall Creek: Developed and sold six riverfront tracts out of a 2,100-acre ranch over a three-month period

  • The Oaks North: Convinced a developer to change the development’s overall sales and marketing concept, selling 75 tracts over a 24-month period

  • Schoolhouse Road: Purchased 11 acres out of foreclosure, developed all infrastructure and sold lots to Stonewall Design Group and two other builders

  • Hidden View Estates: Oversaw all phases of land development, including site selection, due diligence, design, entitlements, construction, and final acceptance.

  • Door Key Ranch: Managed concept marketing and sale of a 32,000-acre ranch, the largest development and land redistribution in Tom Green County in more than 50 years